About Outside All Night

My name is Scott Isaacs, and I love hiking and backpacking.  When I was younger (now in my early forties) I used to hike pretty regularly and I always loved getting outside and staying all night.

Somewhere along the way, though, I stopped spending time outside, and I started sitting down a lot more.  As a result, I really miss hiking and I have gained a lot of weight.  Outside All Night is my backpacking blog, where I write about trying to fix both of those problems by getting back into shape and enjoy hiking again.

I can’t promise that there will be regular updates of interesting trips, regular accounts of steady progress in my overall fitness level, or regular updates of any kind.  What I can promise is that I am going to work on getting up more and getting out more.

About Me

When I’m not thinking about hiking, I am a professional software architect in Milwaukee, WI.  I blog and am on Twitter.  I have a great wife and two wonderful kids.

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